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Alchemist Simplified

By James Beck

The alchemist is a very welcome edition for the new line up for core classes in Pathfinder 2nd edition. Arguably one of the more complicated core classes, its abilities are still valued in any party. The role of the alchemist is to be a gish of every type of character. Alchemists can be healers, bombers, support, meta-spellcasters, poisoners, and so much more. Alchemists can roll any role in a given party and can switch between their purposes on a flip of a gold coin.

Key Terms

You'll see the following key terms in many alchemist abilities.


Feats with the additive trait allows you to add special substances to bombs or elixirs. You can only add only one additive to a single alchemical item. The number followed by the additive trait is added to the level of the alchemical item you're modifying; the result is the new level of the mixture. The mixture's item level must be no higher than your own.


You created an alchemical item using infused reagents and it has a limited time before it becomes inert. Any nonpermanent effects from your infused alchemical items, with the exception of afflictions such as slow-acting poisons, end when you make your daily preparations again.

1st Level Class Feature

Infused Reagents

Infused reagents are a resource tracker that allows you to create alchemical items for free. When you start your day after a rest, you gain a number of "batches" of infused reagents equal to your level + your Intelligence modifier. You can expend batches to perform advanced alchemy and quick alchemy, detailed below. Any infused reagents from the day before are destroyed. Infused reagents can't be duplicated or preserved in any way.

Advanced Alchemy

After you finish producing new infused reagents, you spend batches to produce infused alchemical items. You don't have to spend any time or roll Crafting checks to make these alchemical items. Your advanced alchemy level is equal to your level (that makes finding it out easy). For each batch of infused reagents you spend, you create 2 alchemical items of your level or lower. These are potent for 24 hours or until your next daily preparations, whichever comes first.

Quick Alchemy

The Quick Alchemy actions lets you create a specific alchemical item on the fly.

Quick Alchemy

Traits: Alchemist, Manipulate
Cost 1 batch
Requirements You know the formula for the alchemical item and you're either holding or wearing alchemist's tools.
You create a single alchemical item equals to your advanced alchemy level. This item only lasts until the start of your next turn.


You gain the Alchemical Crafting skill feat for free, and can learn four common 1st-level alchemical formulas granted by that feat. A formula is the recipe of an item, and you can only craft an item if you have the formula for it. You have a formula book to hold all of your items' formulas that will increase in size as you learn more and more.

Formula Book

1st Level Class Feature

You keep records of all the formulas you know. You start with a standard formula book worth 10 sp or less for free. This formula book contains the formulas for two common 1st-level alchemical items of your choice, in addition to others you have gained.
Each time you gain a level, you learn to more formulas and can add them to your book. You know that item's formula at every level.

Sample Formula Book

You can choose any 1st-level common alchemical items for your formula book, but the list below contains a good selection of starter formulas.

Alchemical Item Formulas: Lesser acid flask, lesser alchemist's fire, lesser antidote, lesser antiplague, lesser cheetah's elixir, lesser elixir of life, lesser tanglefoot bag, lesser smokestick.

Research Field

1st Level Class Feature

Your research field represents which type of alchemist role you want to fill. Choose a field of research.
You learn additional formulas depending on your research field and will give you additional benefits. When you use a batch to create your signature items using advanced alchemy, you create three items instead of two. Each time you gain a level, you swap one of your signature items for another formula you know. This new signature item must be on your research field's list of possible signature items.


You specialize in explosions and other alchemical reactions. You learn two 1st-level alchemical bombs in addition to your other formulas.
When throwing an alchemical bomb with the splash trait, you can deal splash damage to only your primary target instead of the usual splash area.


You concentrate on healing others with alchemy. You start with the formulas for two of the following in your formula book, in addition to your other formulas: lesser antidote, lesser antiplague, or minor elixir of life.
As long as your proficiency rank in Medicine is trained or better, you can use Crafting instead of Medicine for any of Medicine's untrained and trained uses.


You focus on bizarre mutagenic transformations that sacrifice one aspect of a creature's physical or psychological being to enhance another. You learn two additional 1st-level mutagen formulas. You also gain the Mutagenic Flashback free action.

Mutagenic Flashback

Traits: Alchemist
Frequency: once per day
Choose one mutagen you've already consumed today. You gain the effects of that mutagen for 1 minute.


You specialize in toxins and venoms. You learn two formulas for common 1st-level alchemical poisons. You can apply injury poison you're holding as 1 action instead of 2, and you can changed the DCs of your infused poisons to your class DC if it's higher.

You learn a special discovery depending on your field. When you use advanced alchemy during daily preparations, you create a different amount of alchemical items.
  • Bomber: You make any 3 bombs instead of just two of the same.
  • Chirurgeon: You create three elixirs instead of two.
  • Mutagenist: You create any three mutagens instead of two of the same.
  • Toxicologist: You create any three poisons instead of just two of the same.

Field Discovery

5th Level Class Feature

Powerful Alchemy

5th Level Class Feature

When you use Quick Alchemy to create an alchemical item that allows a saving throw, you can change its DC to your class DC.

Perpetual Infusions

7th Level Class Feature

You have learned how to create perpetual alchemical infusions that can provide a near-infinite supply of certain simple items. You can use Quick Alchemy to create two 1st-level alchemical items with no cost. Your research field determines which items you can create. You must know the formula to create the item.
  • Bomber: Choose two from the following: lesser acid flask, lesser alchemist's fire, lesser bottled lightning, lesser frost vial, lesser tanglefoot bag, lesser thunderstone.
  • Chirurgeon: Lesser antidote and lesser antiplague.
  • Mutagenist: Choose two from the following: lesser bestial mutagen, lesser cognitive mutagen, lesser juggernaut mutagen, lesser quicksilver mutagen, lesser serene mutagen, lesser silvertongue mutagen.
  • Toxicologist: Choose two common 1st-level alchemical poisons.

Double Brew

9th Level Class Feature

You know your formulas so well that you can concoct two items at once. When using Quick Alchemy, you can spend an additional batch and create two alchemical items instead of one. These items do not have to be the same.

Perpetual Potency

11th Level Class Feature

Your perpetual infusions improve, allowing you to use Quick Alchemy to create more powerful items with no cost
  • Bomber: The moderate versions of the bombs you chose for perpetual infusions.
  • Chirurgeon: Moderate antidote and antiplague.
  • Mutagenist: The moderate versions of the mutagens you chose for perpetual infusions.
  • Toxicologist: Choose two common 5th-level or lower alchemical poisons.

Greater Field Discovery

13th Level Class Feature

You learn an incredible discovery that advanced your understanding of your field
  • Bomber: You can increase the splash on your bombs to damage creatures within 10 feet, or 15 feet if you have Expanded Splash.
  • Chirurgeon: When you use Quick Alchemy to create any type of elixir of life, the creature drinking the elixir gains the maximum Hit Points possible.
  • Mutagenist: If you drink another mutagen while you are under the effects of a mutagen, you gain the benefits and drawbacks of both mutagens at once, despite having the polymorph trait. If you drink another mutagen, you lose the benefit of one of the former mutagens of your choice, while retaining the drawbacks of all the mutagens. If you are under the effect of a non-mutagen polymorph effect, you lose the benefits of the mutagens while retaining the drawbacks of both.
  • Toxicologist: You can apply two injury poisons on the same weapon, though not a piece of ammunition. The two poisons can be up to six levels lower than your level, and you can't use the poisons made without spending a batch via perpetual infusions. Applying two poisons requires two Interact actions. Once completed, you combine the two poisons on the weapon with the lower of the two poisons' DCs.

Alchemical Alacrity

15th Level Class Feature

Similar to Double Brew but you can now spend up to 3 batches and make 3 alchemical items. You automatically stow one of these new items as you create them.

Perpetual Perfection

17th Level Class Feature

You have perfected your perpetual infusions. The items you chose with the Perpetual Perfection class feature are now at a higher level.
  • Bomber: The greater versions of the bombs you chose for perpetual infusions.
  • Chirurgeon: Greater antidote and antiplague.
  • Mutagenist: The greater versions of the mutagens you chose for perpetual infusions.
  • Toxicologist: Choose two common 11th-level or lower alchemical poisons.
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